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My latest books in English

Georgia - pawn in the new great game, Plutobooks, 2010

There is also a Finnish version and in 2014 I am working on a Swedish version, which will include the dramatic developments of the latest years, when voters elected a new regime, the Georgian Dream, (2013 a new parliamentary majority, 2013 a new president and 2014 new rulers in most local communities) after eight years with the more and more autocratic leader of the Rose Revolution of 2003, Mikheil Saakashvili.


Is there a need for a Green Ideology?

This little book was published by the Swedish Green Think Tank COGITO in 2008 and presented at the 2nd Global Green Congress in Sao Paolo, Brasil, I am the editor and have also contributed with a chapter on "What do Green parties think?" which is based upon my reading of some 40 Green party documents from all over the world. The book also contains chapters on Green theory,  Green Economy, Ecofeminism and Queer theory. There are editions in Swedish and Spanish. The book could be ordered from Ask for the price first!


Life and death in the European Parliament.

This is basically a political thriller, set in the European Parliament, but also contains factual inside reports from the daily life of a MEP. it is based on two Swedish books. It can be ordered from  for 5 euros plus postage. You will be billed and trusted to pay at receipt of the book.

Welcome to Per Gahrtons Website!

Will be updated more regularly from 140702!

After almost ten years as Green Member of the European Parliament I am now, since July 2004, foremost a free-lance writer. Just as I have been several times before during my lifetime. I was born in 1943, so biologically I am a pensioner. But I am still very active as a writer and lecturer, which gives opportunities to continue my struggle for a more ecological, Green and just world, based upon more solidarity. Now and then I contribute to the Green European Journal, (

I was chairperson of the Swedish Green Think Tank COGITO (from the famous saying by the French philosopher Descartes: Cogito, ergo sum = I think, thus I am), until 2014,
I was since 2004 chairman of the Palestine Solidarity Association of Sweden, until 2012

I am still ideologically very close to these two organisations.

After many year as MP, MEP, spokesperson and member of the leadership of the Swedish Green Party (Miljöpartiet de Gröna), I have today no formal political position. I was,though, a member of one of several working groups which formulated a common governmental platform together with the Social Democrats (Labour) and the Left Party for the parliamentary elections of 2010. This election year, 2014, I contribute from a more independent position,,

I am since 2004 Member of the Advisory Council of an environmental agency in Tbilisi, Georgia (Regional Enviromental Center for South Caucasus),

But primarily I feel myself as a free writer, author, agitator. I spend most of my time reading and writing (several books are in the pipe-line), love my partner, Drude Dahlerup, Danish professor of political science in Stockholm, spend time with children, step-children, their children, Drude´s children, relatives, friends, study Chinese, keep my knowledge of other foreign languages alive, especially Russian and Arabic, jog in the forest, collect mushrooms, hunt elk and geese (inside the ecological and restrictive framwork defined in the program of the Green Party!) And much more.

Here on my home page you can find information about myself, who I am, what I have done, what I am doing. Several of my newspaper articles and other texts are to be found here. As well as links to organisations where I am active and to others I find important although I may not be active there.

Quite a lot English-language material by and about me could be found on the website of the Europan Parliament,, look for terms 4 and 5 or search with my name!

If you want to know more or make contact, just write an e-letter to In English. Or French, German, Russian, Arabic if you prefer that.

Yours Per Gahrton